During the drying process of pour techniques, I found sometimes the pigment was more saturated while wet. These photographs were taken right after a pour to capture a single moment before gravity shifts the composition.



Once you have an eye for light and composition, any medium is obtainable. These shots were taken right at sunset after a day of drag races in New Jersey. The contrast of how light touches the metallic side of the pole verses the matte rusted side was fascinating.



Growing up in Florida, one of my favorite past times was climbing trees right after a storm. There was more of a challenge with the moss being wet, and the spider webs weren't as scary. Experimenting with my camera and effects on the computer, I approached the photo with a mystical concept. Any forest is enchanting, but once your back in your office its hard to stay with the inner child that was awoken while you were climbing.



In college I was fascinated by the figure model on stage. Immediately I knew I wanted to model. Once I started my own figure drawing sessions, I knew I needed a better understanding of what the model is experiencing on the other side of the easel or camera lens. some of these shots are of myself taken from Dave Tracy. The other gorgeous more slender model is Willa Prescott which were photographed by yours truly.